Education – Expanding Horizons or Building Drones

Gone through two school systems – Czech and United States. I should have had all the skills needed to live a satisfying life. What I got instead was a foundation without a purpose.

I suspect that when public school system, people had good intentions; Teach kids how to communicate, build, nurture and prevent mistakes done by earlier generations. However, as the years progressed I suspect the initial goals were lost. We learn language without understanding how to put gather our thoughts and express our needs and emotions. We learn math but don’t calculate how our current spending habits limit our life options. We learn sciences yet pollute the world around us and we don’t learn from mistakes our parents and earlier generations did.

If language, math, sciences and history classes go through the basics of execution. Why can’t there be classes that would teach us how to apply these skills. Class for goal setting, communication in various situations like high stress, balance of mind body spirit? Is it because society needs masses of drones to slave away for the selected few?

Look, a semester is 4-5 months. That is enough time to achieve one major goal, kick a bad habit, start a good habit. Why not have a class that teaches students how to pick a personal goal, how to break it to steps and how to implement these steps? Our lives would be so much more meaningful. Maybe knowing how to deal with personal problems would enable us to form proper steps to prevent them and help others as well.

Why do we learn language if we don’t learn how to put together out thoughts and express our needs and feelings toward our friends, family and loved once? Showing students in a controlled environment how to deal with abuse, stressful situations, toxic or dangerous behavior would prevent or at least minimize a lot of high stress situations and probably even better our health.

Why do we learn math and logical thinking when we don’t realize how our illogical spending driven by wants instead of needs impacts our long term prospects? Class where students can go through various financial scenarios to have a clear understanding of their impact would be awesome. I know if i had somebody show me the way i would have done a lot of things differently. I would invest into rental property sooner. i would not spend sooo much money on crap that ends up owning me.

Some may argue that this is parent’s job. But I disagree, they are in the same pit as their kids, nobody showed them how to do that. They are overworked and underpaid. Point I am trying to make is that today’s education system has room to do more. It should.

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