How to find your purpose

We moved from an industrial revolution to the identity revolution and now everybody is asking:  What is the meaning of my life? Am I reaching my full potential? So on and so on… Sad thing is that there are not many people to turn to who have their life figured out. Most hate their work and numb their minds during their free time.  Luckily, it is not that difficult. The only things you got to do are:
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Comfort Zone – The prison?

I am a visual person so when I contemplate about my life i often call it gray… a balanced medium, not too rich, not to colorful, a shade of nothing special. I changed that by traveling full time. Traveling isn’t a ‘better’ life, it is one that forces me to get out of my gray zone, the comfort zone. Majority of my old friends are stuck in their comfort zones. Some are ok with it, others not so much, for them it became a prison. If you want to get our of your comfort prison, here is how to do it. Continue reading Comfort Zone – The prison?