Balance – the core of everything

Sure, balance is important… but really? The core of everything? That is stretching it a bit, isn’t it? Well, lets take a closer look. In the end you can tell me if its total BS or the most amazing thing that you ever read 🙂

No matter if you look at a single atom or the our solar system, you will find that they are in balance. As you may have learned in your physics class, a stable atom has the same number of protons and electrons. The positive protons cancel out the negative electrons. When the number of electrons does not equal the number of protons, the atom is ionized and will try to get/rid itself of the extra electrons… in other words, naturally get to its balanced state.

Similar is true with human actions, we try to find balance in what we do. A simple example is walking. Its not like we need to think about balance or are balanced all the time but from time to time we make adjustments to achieve our goal (optimal state).

Personal decisions work in a similar way. In order to achieve a goal, we naturally balance our decisions just like during a walk. When we have several goals our decisions we try to reach the balancing act becomes more complex. Also when we don’t make adjustments for a while our decisions often lead to bigger changes.

I find it very interesting to watch others. When I know somebody well, I can predict or at least understand what they will do. Here is how i do it. I look at their history of choices, their personality, I assess how long it has been before they made an adjustment in a given area and because balance is in the core of everything, I can guess what would balance them out.

Here are a few examples that I noticed while looking at my actions and while working in service business

  • My Personality – For the most part I am fairly ‘normal’ except for a few things, one of them being the need to start things. I don’t like doing the same old same old, instead I like to create new things. Work on something new is challenging and the results are usually very exciting, even if the thing is not completely perfect. I noticed that since most of my new work is digital (comprised of zeros and once) I need to balance it with a physical work. I have waves where I do various big projects around my house and I think of becoming a blacksmith as my alternative work to balance decades of working in digital space 🙂
  • Vacations – Working with people for years I noticed a trend, when they come back from vacation, they usually tend to make some bigger, life-changing decision like start working out, look for a new job or something similar. The decision is usually bigger if they have not been thinking about their lives for a while.

working with the theory that everything will balance itself out helps me understand my self as well as actions of my friends and coworkers. Think about your past actions and decisions, I am sure you will realize that balance played an important role in them all.

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