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Life is a change! Sometimes changes are forced upon us. Other times we make the leaps ourselves. This blog is about my journey to the unknown world of sailing.

I made a journey once before, when I was 16. It was my mom’s choice. We immigrated from a small post communist EU country to the States. At first I was not too happy about that move. I lost my friends and my place. I struggled to learn a new language, make new friends, find my new place in life. Over the years I figured things out and managed to find my spot in this new world.

Now, content with my existing life I feel the urge to make a new change. Some may call it mid-life crisis. I call it mid-life enlightenment. Don’t get me wrong, its not an escape. I can live very comfortably where I am now, I enjoy my life, my job, my friends. I am debt free. I can workation as much as I want. I actually prefer to work/travel rather than turn off completely for a week or two. My health allows me to enjoy every day to the fullest. Yet, what I miss is a challenge. I know, weird, my life became easy, easy became same old, same old became boring. I am not failing. Well, i fail but not in any important way. This means that I am just floating through life, dying. I seek life!

Yes, I can have kids, jolt new boost into my existence but that would just lock me in the existing life… for life. I feel I need to make one more conscious change before I do that. To get a better perspective, to fail or discover a new world with its own challenges and benefits.

So here I am ๐Ÿ™‚ 3 months till I start sailing. I have sailed a few weeks at a time and loved it but plan to take small steps before making a full time none the less. I want to start in Mediterranean, as deck hands on boats of others. If I like it I will get a boat myself. Thinking of getting a Beneteau 47. Slowly sail west, cross Atlantic and hop through Caribbean for a total of 6 months. Then, if I still like it, cross Panama canal, Pacific, visit Australia, potentially a New Zealand and cruise through Indochina back to Med. At that point I may decide to do it one more time or move back on land.

That is where I leave off, let me know your thoughts. Next blogs will cover individual steps of my preparation and, if i succeed, my adventures as well.

8 thoughts on “Read This First”

  1. Nice to read your post. I have been browsing Crewseekers and your post is very interesting and your plan is well put together. I have been looking for an opportunity to build up miles to support the courses I have done. If this is possible please let me know. September / October is better for me however I’m keen in any case to be part of something as interesting as the trip you are embarking on.

    Kind regards,

    Eoin Grimes

    1. Hi Eroin, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I didn’t review the comments till now. I completed Med and am onto the big boy, Atlantic. Howevr, take a look at couchsurfing, and FB travel groups. I am sure you will find somebody to assist you with your next step ๐Ÿ˜‰ and stay in touch, who knows.

  2. You’ve inspired me. I quit smoking 11 days ago (from the day you left Puerto Rico). I thank my friend Monica who introduced us. Many changes to come. Be safe. Abrazo desde Puerto Rico, Dan!

    1. That is amazing! Makes me feel really warm inside ๐Ÿ™‚
      I recommend that you stick to ‘zero tolerance’ rule. When I try to quit something I found out that little leads back to a lot. As long as I don’t do it at all i am fine

  3. Hi Daniel
    Two years ago I bought a Beneteau 311 and lived on the boat from Feb to Nov after being separated from my wife. Sometimes major life changes provide the opportunity and stimulus for new adventures.
    I had to learn to sail Ocean Dreamer having had no previous experience. Last year I crossed the English Channel with my brother after sailing in the Solent for a season. I would like to go further afield when time allows. Life is one big adventure!

    1. Totally, life is one huge adventure. The shait we get ourselves into makes us move forward, willingly or not ๐Ÿ™‚ How do you like Beneteau? Fair winds going further!

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