The Prep

Indirectly, I have been preparing to sail all my life. I didn’t know my choices would manifest in sailing but I always knew I like freedom. Its in my blood.

A good friend of my always said ‘to be truly free you need to be able to choose freely’. Yeah, that kind of makes sense. Too often we are forced into a decision by external factors. Money is one obvious factor that prevents us from choosing freely, others are time and location. I was never that good with saving money or time but I picked my profession well which made making money easier and now, thanks to the internet, i can work anywhere 🙂

Two years ago I divorced which freed up a lot of my time and last year I managed to pay off my debts and have small passive reoccurring income. Let me tell you, its an awesome feeling! I still do what I have always done but its different. I am not forced to do things I do. Its a small but major difference.

I started preparing for sailing actively last May after I spent a week sailing in Caribbean with friends. The first and most important thing i did was set a date. I am going to dwell on this a bit more. Setting a date is quintessential item to do. Without a date, any plan is just a dream. In my case, for years, I wanted to work less, spend more time on my personal things but never managed to do it… until I set a date. May 2016! Once I set a date, something changed. I woke up thinking about things I have to do to sail. I filled my free time preparing to sail. I started to re-evaluate my decisions and started aligning them with this sailing.

In order to sail full time I knew I will need to do the following: know how to sail, work less and still make money. Yeah, its kind of simplistic breakdown but works for me. I will do separate articles for each.

Prep for sailing
Prep for passive reoccurring income

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